Britain’s lurch to Reaganomics gets thumbs down from markets

Truss has now put the country on an economic road completely at odds with most, if not all, major global economies. Hannah Mckay | Reuters LONDON — New U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss may have talked big on “trickle-down economics” during her campaign trail this summer, but no-one could have predicted the swathe of tax […]

Britain’s next prime minister to be announced

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak or current Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will be announced as the U.K’s new prime minister later Monday. Dan Kitwood / Staff / Stringer / Getty Images LONDON — The next prime minister of the U.K. will be announced Monday following a grueling, and at times bitter, leadership contest within the ruling […]

UK energy bills to rise by 80% in October as regulator announces hike

LONDON — Britain’s energy regulator announced Friday it will raise its main cap on consumer energy bills to an average £3,549 from £1,971 a year, as campaign groups, think tanks and politicians call on the government to tackle a cost-of-living- crisis. The price cap limits the standard charge energy suppliers can bill domestic customers for […]

Brits are facing substantial energy bill increases. Here’s why

Tim Graham | Getty Images News | Getty Images LONDON — An expected surge in U.K. energy prices this winter is being described as a national emergency, posing at least as great a financial threat as the coronavirus pandemic.  The upcoming increase in a regulator-set limit on consumer energy bills is predicted to push a […]

EU launches new legal procedures against UK over Northern Ireland | European Union News

The European Commission’s move comes after the UK legislature cleared a bill to scrap parts of post-Brexit trade deal. The European Union’s executive arm has launched four new legal procedures against the United Kingdom after the British parliament’s lower house cleared a bill to scrap some of the rules governing post-Brexit trading arrangements for Northern […]

UK threatens to scrap parts of Brexit deal

Johnson will visit Northern Ireland on Monday to hold emergency talks. Daniel Leal | Afp | Getty Images LONDON — The U.K. government is again threatening to unilaterally override large parts of the Brexit deal agreed with the European Union, raising the prospect of a trade war amid a power-sharing crisis in Northern Ireland. U.K. […]

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