Displaced by partition, she visited Pakistan home after 75 years | India-Pakistan Partition News

Lucknow, India – Last month, 90-year-old Reena Chhibber Varma, undeterred by her age and ailments, embarked on a journey that many thought was impossible. She travelled to Pakistan to see her erstwhile home for the first time in 75 years. As the colonial British left the Indian subcontinent, they divided it into two nations on […]

At 75, India’s Biggest Challenge Is to Create Jobs – The Diplomat

Advertisement As India’s economy grew, the hum of factories turned the sleepy, dusty village of Manesar into a booming industrial hub, cranking out everything from cars and sinks to smartphones and tablets. But jobs have run scarce over the years, prompting more and more workers to line up along the road for work, desperate to […]

India Noncommittal on the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment – The Diplomat

Advertisement The G-7 countries that met a month ago for the Leaders’ Summit in Germany formally launched the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII). The PGII is an infrastructure initiative to fund connectivity projects in developing countries and is seen as a counter to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). U.S. President Joe Biden […]

Impacts on China and India – The Diplomat

Advertisement The Diplomat author Mercy Kuo regularly engages subject-matter experts, policy practitioners, and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights into U.S. Asia policy. This conversation with Dr. Craig Kennedy — historian and energy commentator at the Davis Center of Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University, former international finance executive at Morgan […]

India facing football ban over ‘deviations’ from FIFA ‘roadmap’ | Football News

FIFA also warned Indian football association it risks losing U17 Women’s World Cup too. FIFA has reminded India’s football association that it risks losing the upcoming Under-17 Women’s World Cup and faces a ban due to “deviations” from an agreed road map aimed at sorting out governance issues. In May, India’s highest court disbanded the […]

Indian rupee weakness, hitting fresh lows amid global headwinds 

Two thousand rupee notes on display with an Indian flag in the background. Manish Rajput | SOPA Images | LightRocket via Getty Images The Indian rupee has come under intense selling pressure due to a perfect storm of global headwinds which analysts say will continue to pummel the currency in the months ahead. In recent […]

India’s faltering rice output can cause a new food crisis | Business and Economy News

Rice could emerge as the next challenge for global food supply as a shortage of rain in parts of India, by far the world’s biggest exporter, has caused planting area to shrink to the smallest in about three years. The threat to India’s rice production comes at a time when countries are grappling with soaring […]

Why India could single-handedly shape the future of e-commerce this summer

This month, retail giants and government regulators around the world will be watching closely as the subcontinent rolls out the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) to 100 major cities.  Spearheaded by Indian billionaire and Infosys founder Nandan Nilekani, ONDC is a non-profit designed to create a level playing field in online commerce by putting […]

The Importance of India-Pakistan Cross-LoC Trade – The Diplomat

Advertisement In 2019, the New Delhi government suspended cross-Line of Control trade: the barter exchange between the Indian and Pakistani parts of Kashmir. Thus, while India and Pakistan continue to trade through their officially recognized border, trade through the disputed part of the border, the Line of Control (LoC), is not allowed at the moment. […]

Outrage as another Kashmiri journalist stopped from flying abroad | Freedom of the Press News

Yet another Kashmiri journalist has been stopped by the Indian authorities from flying abroad as outrage grows over a continuing clampdown on press freedom in Indian-administered Kashmir and its residents. Independent journalist Aakash Hassan, 25, was on his way to Sri Lanka for a reporting assignment last week when immigration officials at New Delhi airport […]

Reform is No Longer the Biggest Drag on India’s Economic Ambitions – The Diplomat

Advertisement A few weeks ago, India’s Chief Justice N.V. Ramana argued in London that India can become a favored destination for global investment because of its independent judiciary and rule of law. Only a few days later, that theory was put to the test in the restive state of Uttar Pradesh: There, in the capital […]

India’s RBI looks to Rein in Fintech – The Diplomat

Advertisement The COVID-19 pandemic heralded a golden age for financial technology, hastening the global adoption of fintech products of all stripes. Driven by fears of contamination, touchless, cashless modes of transacting were encouraged at all levels. Lockdowns pressured household finances, pushing consumers to borrow from digital banks. Central banks once again reduced interest rates to […]

Is the INSTC Russia’s new economic escape route? | Russia-Ukraine war News

As the world worried about Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian grain exports in the Black Sea in late June, Vladimir Putin had a different trade route on his mind. Addressing leaders of nations that sit on the Caspian Sea, the Russian president spoke of a “truly ambitious project” as the centrepiece of Moscow’s efforts to “improve […]

As single-use plastic ban kicks in, Indian businesses flounder | Business and Economy News

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a reputation for imposing policies suddenly on an unprepared nation, but when he pledged in 2019 to eliminate single-use plastics, food and beverage makers had years to prepare. When the first tranche of items was banned this month, they weren’t ready. Plastic straws are attached to many of the ubiquitous Tetra Paks of […]

India’s Urban Unemployment Crisis – The Diplomat

Pacific Money | Economy | South Asia The urban unemployment crisis, sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to drag India’s economy down. Advertisement In India, besides daily wage laborers, the people from the middle class and even the upper middle class have been experiencing unemployment. This is because unemployment in Indian cities has progressively increased since the start of […]

As Adani steps up mining, villagers to be displaced third time | Business and Economy News

Sambalpur, India – Nityananda Deep has worried about losing his home for the third time in his life ever since his mud house was marked for demolition by mining officials, about a year ago. The 80-year-old is a resident of remote Behermunda Hamlet in Sambalpur district in the southern Indian state of Odisha, about four […]

Asia Can’t Save Russia’s Energy Sector – The Diplomat

Advertisement Russia’s reckless and bloody invasion of Ukraine in February set in motion a cascade of events for which it was ill-prepared. Europe began the process of divorcing itself from Russian fossil fuels, the U.S. coordinated sweeping export controls on key inputs such as semiconductors with Asian partners, and the Russian military considerably underperformed expectations, […]

India, China Growing Markets for Shunned Russian Oil – The Diplomat

Advertisement India and other Asian nations are becoming an increasingly vital source of oil revenues for Moscow despite strong pressure from the U.S. not to increase their purchases, as the European Union and other allies cut off energy imports from Russia in line with sanctions over its war on Ukraine. Such sales are boosting Russian […]

India’s Tech Unicorn Count Continues to Grow Despite Broad Market Turbulence – The Diplomat

Advertisement Asia’s tech unicorn landscape is sparking cautious optimism throughout the continent that startups can continue to thrive despite troubled market conditions. In India particularly, growth is taking place at a rapid rate, with some 16 startups obtaining billion-dollar valuations in 2022 alone. “We are seeing unprecedented growth pretty much across every single sector of […]

Flip-Flop on Wheat Exports Angers Indian Farmers – The Diplomat

Advertisement Farmer unions in the northern Indian state of Punjab are angry with the Narendra Modi government. The sudden ban on wheat exports last month has hit the farmers hard. Farmers in Punjab, which is known as the bread basket of India, were expecting to benefit from high global wheat prices due to the war […]

India is the Key to Boosting Thailand’s Post-Pandemic Recovery – The Diplomat

Tourists walk along Patong beach on the island of Phuket, Thailand. This year, India has become the leading source of tourists to the popular island. Credit: Depositphotos Advertisement On May 1, Thailand scrapped its “Test and Go” entry scheme involving mandatory RT-PCR tests and up to two nights of quarantine in order to boost the […]

In ‘golden age’ of margins, Indian private refiners profit | Business and Economy News

A split is emerging in India’s refining sector as private refiners tap cheap Russian crude and boost profits from exports just as domestically focused state refiners get squeezed by high oil costs and government-capped domestic fuel prices. While many Western buyers are avoiding Russian crude in response to its invasion of Ukraine, Indian private refiners […]

These charts show Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed global oil

European Union leaders reached an agreement this week to ban the majority of Russian crude oil and petroleum product imports, but nations were already shunning the country’s oil, altering global flows for the commodity that powers the world. Russian oil exports had already been hurt by some EU members acting preemptively in anticipation of potential […]

‘Anti-China’: The Quad launches maritime surveillance plan | News

Pledging to provide “tangible benefits” for nations in the Indo-Pacific region, the leaders of the Quad have launched a maritime surveillance plan that analysts say is its most significant move so far to counter China. The Quad – an informal alliance made up of Japan, the United States, India and Australia – says the Indo-Pacific […]

Can IPEF Reduce India’s Economic Dependence on China? – The Diplomat

Advertisement India has joined the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) launched by the United States on the side lines of the Quad Summit in Tokyo on May 23-24. This initiative has 13 members: Australia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam. IPEF is based on […]

In Trade, China Has a Sharp Edge Over India, and Sharp Things Can Be Weaponized – The Diplomat

Advertisement If there were to be an India-China conflict, would we see them engage in economic warfare, as now seen between the West and Russia? As I am writing this, in the midst of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we can see how easily trade can be used as a political weapon in case of war. […]

Can renewable energy help close power gap in India’s hot summer? | Business and Economy News

New Delhi, India — As temperatures soar beyond 40 degrees Celsius in Hasanganj village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the nearly 14-hour power cuts in the area mean that the bananas that Ramesh, a fruit vendor who goes by one name, sells are rotting faster than normal with no fans to keep […]

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