Photos: Russian reservists leave behind sobbing loved ones | Russia-Ukraine war News

The sound of old Soviet war songs mixed with the sobbing of relatives in the small Russian town of Bataysk as freshly mobilised reservists in Russia’s southern Rostov region said goodbye to their families. Recruits were summoned as part of the partial mobilisation announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin after a decisive counteroffensive by the military in Ukraine, […]

US warns of consequences if Russia uses nuclear weapons | Russia-Ukraine war News

The United States has warned of “catastrophic consequences” if Moscow were to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, after Russia’s foreign minister said regions holding widely-criticised referendums would get full protection if annexed by Moscow. Votes in four eastern Ukrainian regions, aimed at annexing territory Russia has taken by force mostly since its invasion in February, […]

Russia’s Lavrov vows ‘full protection’ for any annexed territory | Russia-Ukraine war News

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says regions of Ukraine where widely-criticised referendums are being held will be under Moscow’s “full protection” if they are annexed, raising the prospect of the use of nuclear weapons if Kyiv tries to retake those territories. Lavrov’s comments at a news conference in New York City on Saturday came as […]

In Russia’s far east, fear and defiance against military call-up | Russia-Ukraine war News

Hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the partial mobilisation on Wednesday in the wake of Moscow’s battlefield setbacks in Ukraine, Hoelun received a call from her mother to pack her things. Hoelun is from Buryatia, a republic in Siberia in Russia’s far east. As a former serviceman, her 29-year-old boyfriend was eligible to be […]

Russia’s battle to convince people to join its war is being waged on Telegram

Just minutes after Putin announced conscription, the administrators of the anti-Kremlin Rospartizan group announced its own “mobilization,” gearing up its supporters to bomb military enlistment officers and the Ministry of Defense with Molotov cocktails. “Ordinary Russians are invited to die for nothing in a foreign land,” they wrote. “Agitate, incite, spread the truth, but do […]

Iran responds to Ukraine diplomatic demotion over Russia drones | Russia-Ukraine war News

Foreign ministry did not explicitly reject claims of drones sales but said Tehran maintains policy of ‘active neutrality’ in the war. Tehran, Iran – Iran says it will “respond appropriately” to Ukraine’s revoking of its ambassador’s accreditation over alleged drone sales to Russia while not directly denying it sold the aircraft. In a short statement on […]

What if Vladimir Putin used nuclear weapons in Ukraine? | Explainer News

President Vladimir Putin’s thinly veiled threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine if Russian “territorial integrity” is threatened has sparked deep discussion in the West as to how it would respond. In a televised address on Wednesday, the Russian leader said he was not bluffing about using nuclear weapons if Russian territories were threatened, as […]

Opinion: Desperate Putin will twist, not stick

Editor’s Note: James Nixey is the director of the Russia-Eurasia Programme at Chatham House, specializing in the relationships between Russia and the other post-Soviet states. He previously worked as an investigative reporter at the Moscow Tribune. The views expressed in this commentary are his own. Read more opinion on CNN. CNN  —  Russia is losing […]

Russian officials play down Putin’s nuclear threat | Russia-Ukraine war News

Russia is not seeking ‘open confrontation’, says deputy foreign minister, as an ambassador claims Washington and Moscow are not near the ‘abyss’ of a nuclear conflict. Days after Russian President Vladimir Putin made a thinly veiled nuclear threat to Ukraine and its Western allies, Russian officials played down the warning. On Friday, Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s […]

UN experts conclude war crimes committed in Ukraine conflict | Russia-Ukraine war News

Investigators visited graves and detention and torture centres, and interviewed more than 150 victims and witnesses. United Nations investigators have concluded that war crimes have been committed in the Ukraine conflict, listing Russian bombardment of civilian areas, executions, torture and sexual violence. A team of three independent experts visited 27 towns and settlements, as well […]

Watch Live: U.N. Security Council Meets on Ukraine

new video loaded: Watch Live: U.N. Security Council Meets on Ukraine Recent episodes in Live Journalism TimesTalks ​ — live and video conversations between New York Times journalists and leading talents and thinkers — entertain and​ inspire audiences ​in New York and ​throughout the world. Learn more. TimesTalks ​ — live and video conversations between […]

Russia can defend new regions with nuclear weapons: Medvedev | Russia-Ukraine war News

Putin ally says Ukrainian territories that vote to join Russia will be protected by Moscow as ‘sham’ referendums near. Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian president, has said that any weapons in Moscow’s arsenal, including strategic nuclear weapons, could be used to defend territories incorporated into Russia from Ukraine. Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security […]

Airline tickets could become even more expensive, aviation execs warn

Air tickets may become more expensive — thanks to the lack of refining capacity and the financial state of airlines, said William Walsh, the director-general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The decline in refining capacity during the pandemic, and higher jet fuel prices caused by the increase in demand for fuel are “of […]

‘Thrown into the meat grinder’: Russians react to mobilisation | Russia-Ukraine war News

On Wednesday evening, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a new phase of the war in Ukraine: a partial mobilisation of the population. Although hardliners had been calling for such a move since the very beginning, the government has tried to present the conflict as a contained “special military operation” rather than something that will affect citizens […]

Shadowy Russian Cell Phone Companies Are Cropping Up in Ukraine

Since the companies emerged earlier this year, they claim to have expanded their services. Their websites list dozens of claimed locations, including shops, where people can buy SIM cards and internet access. In one online post, 7Telecom says it’s hiring a recruitment manager, office administrator, sales manager, and IT specialist to work in the Kherson […]

British PM promises at least $2.63bn for Ukraine war in 2023: FT | Russia-Ukraine war News

Liz Truss arrives in the US with ‘hawkish’ message of continued military support for Kyiv, the Financial Times reports. British Prime Minister Liz Truss is expected to tell world leaders that the United Kingdom’s support for the Ukraine war effort in 2023 will match or exceed the 2.3 billion pounds ($2.63bn) that have been committed […]

Putin tells Modi he wants Ukraine war to end as soon as possible | Russia-Ukraine war News

Russia’s Putin tells India’s PM he understood New Delhi’s concerns over the conflict in Ukraine after Modi urged diplomacy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has told India’s Narendra Modi that he understood New Delhi’s concerns about the conflict in Ukraine and wanted it to end “as soon as possible”, according to a readout of a bilateral […]

Ukraine slams Germany for failing to send it weapons

Soldiers drive a “Marder” infantry fighting vehicle of the German armed forces Bundeswehr during the informative educational practice “Land Operation Exercise 2017” at the military training area in Munster, northern Germany. Afp Contributor | Afp | Getty Images Ukraine’s relations with Germany have soured this week, with Kyiv asking why Berlin reneged on its promise […]

Ukraine finds mass burial site in Izyum after Russians driven out | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukrainian authorities have found a mass grave in woods near the northeastern city of Izyum, days after recapturing it from occupying Russian forces. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy revealed the discovery of the burial site — containing some 440 bodies — in his address to the country on Thursday night. A regional police official said earlier […]

Ukraine dam hit by Russian missiles in Zelenskyy’s hometown | Russia-Ukraine war News

The strikes hit Karachunov reservoir dam in central Ukraine, flooding more than 100 homes, officials say. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says a reservoir dam has been hit by Russian air raids in his hometown as officials urge residents in the area to evacuate. Kryvyi Rih, the largest city in central Ukraine with an estimated pre-war […]

Zelenskyy says 6,000sq km of territory retaken in Ukraine blitz | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said his forces have recaptured 6,000sq km (2,320sq miles) of territory from Russia in a counteroffensive this month, marking Moscow’s worst defeat in the near seven-month-old war. “Since the start of September, our soldiers have already liberated 6,000 square kilometres of Ukrainian territory in the east and south, and we […]

Eastern Ukraine suffers blackout, Kyiv blames Russia | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukraine’s eastern region has suffered a ‘total blackout’ a day after a counter-attack by Kyiv’s troops forced the Russian army to retreat, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accusing Moscow of deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure in the region. A large part of the embattled eastern Ukraine region suffered power blackouts and cuts in water supplies on […]

Russia loses control of key towns as Ukrainian forces advance | Russia-Ukraine war News

Moscow has abandoned its main bastion in northeastern Ukraine, in a sudden collapse of one of the war’s principal front lines after Ukrainian forces made a rapid advance. The swift fall of Izyum in Kharkiv province on Saturday was Moscow’s worst defeat since its troops were forced back from the capital Kyiv in March. This […]

Hackers Target Los Angeles School District With Ransomware

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine hasn’t gone to Vladimir Putin’s plan: Its troops have suffered devastating losses, failed to capture key Ukrainian cities, and been pushed back toward Russia. However, domestically, the Kremlin has succeeded in further suppressing its citizens—including blocking independent news media and other access to impartial information. Now, a new tool lets […]

Ukraine’s rapid advances ‘creating fissures’ for Russian forces | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukraine’s military has claimed lightning-quick gains in the east of the country after a surprise counteroffensive was launched this week to recapture territory from Russian forces. The Ukrainian military said on Saturday it entered the town of Kupiansk in east Ukraine, a key supply hub held by invading Russian forces for several months. Kyiv also […]

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 199 | Russia-Ukraine war News

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 199th day, we take a look at the main developments. Ukrainian forces have seized an expanding area of previously Russian-held territory in the eastern Kharkiv region after a surprise counteroffensive was launched this week. Ukraine’s rapid territorial gains have caught Russia off guard at a vulnerable section of its […]

Ukraine’s partisans won’t win war but can ‘wreak havoc’: Analysts | Russia-Ukraine war News

From blowing up infrastructure and destroying arms depots, to spray-painting messages for the invading Russian forces, partisan activity is increasing in Ukraine, especially in the occupied southern parts. The Free Ukraine Resistance Movement, a citizen-led group, writes on its website: “We’ve literally ruined Putin’s plans to ruin Ukraine from inside … Even months before the […]

Gas flows to Europe won’t resume until sanctions lifted: Russia | Russia-Ukraine war News

Russian gas supplies to Europe will not resume until sanctions against Moscow are lifted, the Kremlin has said. The Kremlin said on Monday the Western sanctions were the sole reason behind Russia’s decision to shut the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Moscow initially said it was shutting the pipeline, which supplies gas to Europe, for maintenance. […]

Ukraine nuclear plant loses power line, Moscow makes Europe sweat over gas

U.N. vehicles transporting members of the International Atomic Energy Agency inspection mission on a road outside Zaporizhzhia city in southern Ukraine on Sept. 1, 2022. Genya Savilov | Afp | Getty Images A nuclear power plant on the front line of the Ukraine war again lost external power, U.N. inspectors said on Saturday, fuelling fears […]

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